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Florida Man Caught Eating “Meth-Drizzled” Drawings of the Sun | Miami New Times

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“Extremely Intoxicated” Fort Lauderdale Officer Punches Cop While Holding Infant

A man gets high on drawings laced with meth, a drunk cop punches another cop while holding a baby, and three people have a gross threesome in a Publix…
Cops, babies, and Floridians are pretty much the three most danger-prone demographics in America, so mixing the three together with some champagne and Johnnie Walker will almost always result in hijinks worthy of a Sammy Hagar song.

In a tale ripped straight from the pages of the Red Rocker himself, police say off-duty Fort Lauderdale cop David Knapp, age 33, downed some champagne at Fort Lauderdale’s Coconuts Restaurant last October 20, got drunk enough to do some shopping, and then stopped by the Ritz-Carlton bar to suck down three “Johnnie Walker Black Label drinks” with his wife. He then grabbed his infant child and headed for the bathroom, only to instead wind up in a restricted portion of the parking garage.

He never quite made it inside a car: Fellow (on-duty) cop Fernando Ramirez found Knapp wandering through the Ritz-Carlton parking lot around 9 p.m. and asked him what was going on.

Knapp responded by flipping off the cop and punching him twice in the face, all while holding the baby in his arms. The cop who subdued Knapp said the drunk man dropped both the baby and his handgun during the fight, though Ramirez pulled the child from Knapp’s arms.

Though Knapp’s wife had no idea where her husband had gone with the baby, she will now know exactly where he’ll be for the next 20 days: suspended.

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