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Jennifer Lopez: Working with Marc Anthony ‘Repaired’ their Relationship after Divorce



Jennifer Lopez: Working with Marc Anthony ‘Repaired’ their Relationship after Divorce

Jennifer Lopez has a great ability to awaken the hornet’s nest on social networks because everything she says becomes news.

The new remarks of the singer and actress on the new relations with her ex, Marc Anthony, are news of the day in the world of entertainment.

In a presentation on Viva Latino podcast! On Spotify, on Thursday, November 30, Lopez said that returning to work with Marc Anthony, to record an album in Spanish for the first time, has “repaired” their relationship after the divorce.

“We have actually repaired certain parts of our relationship that were broken from our marriage and led to our divorce, we have become friends again,” she said. “Because we met working … And then we remembered: ‘Oh, sure, we connect by music.’ That’s something we have and that comes out in this album. “

For those who have followed the career of the actress and singer from the Bronx and the Puerto Rican entertainer, there is no doubt that these words are true. Both have always been admired for their work, and songs like Do not Love Me, released in 1999 on her debut album solidified the attraction.

In the beginning, this connection at a professional level united them, causing great pain to the former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres, who was then married to Anthony.

Lopez, 48, and Anthony, 49, were married in 2004 and separated in 2011. Their divorce was official in 2014. Today they are joined by their children Max and Emme.

In November of last year, the couple awoke the hopes of their fans, when they kissed on stage of the Latin Grammy Awards ceremony in Las Vegas.

They then released their version of the Pimpinela classic, which made a heartfelt interpretation that culminated in the emotional kiss. Lopez gave Anthony the Man of the Year award. She called him her “soul mate”. This was seen by many as the trigger for the separation of Anthony from his then partner Venezuelan model, Shannon de Lima.

A recent presentation by Lopez in Dubai has caused a stir in social networks because some felt that she showed too much of her body. The star, who often uses revealing outfits in her shows, shared a photo on Instagram on November 21 in which she wears a blue velvet suit that “barely covered his pubic area with a strategic cut,” the People website said. in Spanish.

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