Month: May 2018

Personal injury firm sues competing firm over billboard ad

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Source: Personal injury firm sues competing firm over billboard ad A personal injury law firm in Massachusetts is suing a competing firm over what it alleges is a copycat billboard even though the signs have numerous differences. Ellis Law Offices in Worcester alleges in the suit that The Law Offices of Joseph J. Cariglia intentionally copied its billboard to siphon business. Cariglia Law's marketing company, Murray... [...]

Bleu Network’s Janet LeGrand charged with fraud, cops say | Miami Herald

Police say Janet LeGrand, who used her fake engineering firm to try to score a $33.3 million construction contract, was arrested Friday and booked into Miami-Dade County jail.Source:   Woman killed in hit-and-run crash in Miami LakesA woman was killed early Thursday in a hit-and-run crash in Miami Lakes, authorities said.The incident was reported about 2:30 a.m. in the area of Miami Lakes Drive and Fairway... [...]

South Florida synagogue bomb plotter sentenced to 25 years | Miami Herald

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During his sentencing hearing, James Medina, who has serious mental health problems, urged the judge to place him in a U.S. prison’s medical facility so he can be treated for a cyst in his brain. “I just need help,” Medina told the judge. “I need your help.”Source:    Synagogue bomb plotter gets 25 years. But his first stop is prison mental wardA Hollywood man who pleaded guilty to trying to blow up an Aventura... [...]

Miami-Dade County Police’s Hate-Crime Reporting Is Inaccurate | Miami New Times

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Miami-Dade County Police is launching an audit in response to questions from New Times about its hate-crime reporting procedures.Source:   Miami-Dade Police Admit They Might Not Be Reporting Hate Crimes ProperlyLast week, the FBI released its yearly log of hate crimes reported across the nation. In Florida, the data appears to show reports jumped 33 percent between 2015 and 2016. But that wasn't the entire story: Many of... [...]

8 Ways Divorce Attorneys Approach Relationships Differently | HuffPost

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Source:   8 Ways Divorce Attorneys Approach Relationships DifferentlyMarried divorce lawyers have an interesting perspective on relationships. Sure, they’ve seen things get ugly for their clients, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re pessimists who’ve lost all faith in love. In fact, their careers have arguably made them better partners. They know what unhealthy relationship habits look like, and they can... [...]