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Scott’s sons, Sage and Colby

Scott A. Ferris has been the managing partner of the law firm in his name since 1987.

Scott attended undergraduate school at Alfred University in New York, after growing up in the Bronx, New York City. Scott relocated to Miami where he attended the University of Miami Law School. During his first year of Law School Scott began representing college football players entering the National Football League draft. Over a seven year period Scott represented dozens of NFL players who went to college at the University of Miami, Florida State University, Penn State University, Syracuse University and Colgate, among others.

In 1987 Scott became a member of The Florida Bar and began building a successful law practice. [In 1990 Scott became a member of the Washington, D. C. Bar in order to pursue his interest in political lobbying.]

Over the years the Law Office of Scott A. Ferris, P.A. has represented hundreds of clients in the litigation and appellate arena, at both the state and federal level. The Law Office of Scott A. Ferris, P.A. specializes in many areas of law, serving a vast array of individual and corporate clients who are seeking redress in the courts.