Ask a Miami family lawyer: ‘Supportive relationships’ and alimony

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Determining if alimony is appropriate in a divorce settlement, and the amount and duration of said award, is often a contentious process. Whether you are trying to establish your right to this financial support, or believe your spouse is seeking it unduly, you need an experienced Miami divorce attorney to advocate on your behalf.

Even after an alimony award has been established, either party may have grounds to petition the court to alter or even terminate the agreed-upon sum – particularly if the circumstances of one or both spouses have changed. One possible cause for a Miami family lawyer to seek the reduction or conclusion of an award is if the recipient has entered into a new relationship that involves the provision of financial support from either party.

Florida statute 61.14 reads as follows:

“In determining whether an existing award of alimony should be reduced or terminated because of an alleged supportive relationship between an obligee and a person who is not related by consanguinity or affinity and with whom the obligee resides, the court shall elicit the nature and extent of the relationship in question.”

Per state law, factors such as how long the alimony recipient has lived with his or her new partner, the extent to which the recipient has given or received support from that individual and how both individuals have pooled their assets will all be taken into account when the court deliberates on an existing alimony award.

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