Ex-Miami-Dade teacher gets 20 years after sex crimes conviction

Sources: WPLG & NBC

MIAMI – A judge sentenced a former Miami-Dade teacher to spend two decades in prison Monday following his January conviction of sex crimes against a 17-year-old student.

That student was Heaven Rubin, who later spoke publicly about what happened at Miami Palmetto Senior High School when Jason Meyers was her English teacher.

Meyers’ five children and wife were the focus at his sentencing — they’re the reason he asked to be home while he appeals his conviction.

“I was never even alone in a room with Heaven,” Meyers said. “Her story has grown and changed over the years, mine has not.”

With no video and no DNA evidence, prosecutors built their case with a pattern of accusations from other former students.

“I can’t tell you how many then-girls, now women I am aware of that suffered at Jason Meyers’ hand, or tongue, or penis, or manipulation,” Rubin said via Zoom at the sentencing.

Meyers’ had another former student speak on his behalf.

“I never felt less than safe or less than respected,” Ana Bazan said.

Meyers’ wife, Kim, later unloaded after the sentencing decision.

“Our children are the victims here,” Kim Meyers said.

Asked why her husband only chose to speak up now, she said: “We were waiting for him to have his day in court and he was silenced in court.”

“When it became clear that that litany of other accusers would be paraded through the courtroom, it became clear Mr. Meyers would not get a fair trial if he were to testify or not,” Meyers’ attorney, Brad Horenstein, said.

The judge said Meyers refused to cooperate with pre-sentencing interviews and had refused a plea deal, choosing to sentence him to 20 years in prison.

Meyers refused to admit guilt then and maintained his innocence as he prepared to appeal the conviction.

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