Florida Supreme Court revamps rules for death penalty appeals

Florida Supreme Court revamps rules for death penalty appeals 

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The Florida Supreme Court on Thursday approved a series of changes aimed at improving the death-penalty appeals process, including revising requirements for attorneys handling cases.

Justices last year formed a subcommittee to look at the appeals system, a move that came as the Legislature targeted delays in carrying out the death penalty by passing a bill dubbed the “Timely Justice Act.”

The Supreme Court largely approved a series of rule changes that were proposed by the subcommittee and that deal with what are known as “post-conviction” appeals in death-penalty cases. The subcommittee took input from groups such as judges, prosecutors, public defenders and the governor’s office.

As an example of the revisions, justices approved additional requirements for lead attorneys in post-conviction appeals. Those attorneys, in part, will be required to have at least three years of experience in post-conviction litigation and also meet criteria for experience in handling capital cases.

Justices Charles Canady and Ricky Polston dissented on two issues, including a rule change that will prevent defendants from representing themselves in post-conviction proceedings.

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