Reckless crime spree ends in high-speed crash for Florida felons

LAKELAND, Fla. (WSVN) — Startling surveillance footage captures a Florida man, Timothy Hogue, engaging in a car crime spree at a breakneck speed of 80 miles per hour in a Lakeland residential neighborhood. The spree culminated in a head-on collision with a parked car, fortunately causing no injuries.

Hogue and his alleged accomplice, Rebecca Kozub, were apprehended by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office after a 911 call reported their early Monday morning escapades of breaking into cars and theft.

Hogue, boasting a criminal record spanning over 15 years, now faces a litany of charges, including resisting an officer, burglary, possession of meth, and petty theft. This arrest adds to his staggering tally of 31 criminal felonies, encompassing armed burglaries, grand theft, identity theft, and drug possession.

Kozub, implicated as Hogue’s partner in crime, carries her own history with 19 felonies, including charges of grand theft.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office emphasizes the potential harm these individuals could have caused, underscoring the urgency of legal consequences.

Brian Bruchey of the Sheriff’s Office states, “It could have been much worse. These are two individuals who have quite a lengthy criminal history. We’re hoping they get put in prison and stay there a while.”

The Florida State Attorney’s Office is actively prioritizing public safety enhancements to prevent the easy release of repeat felons like Hogue and Kozub.

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