Speed camera repeatedly tickets teacher’s parked car

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Speed camera repeatedly tickets teacher’s parked car

It was clear from photos taken by a Chicago speed camera that Jennefa Krupinski’s car was parked in front of her home in the city’s Humboldt Park neighborhood.

However, $100 speeding tickets were issued to her anyway and her complaints to the city went nowhere. So, because the Montessori Magnet School assistant teacher feared that her Chicago Public Schools job application would be rejected over any unpaid tickets, she paid for the first two tickets, reports DNA Info.

After DNA Info called, the city said the tickets would be dismissed and Krupinski would get a $200 refund.

Transportation spokesman Michael Claffey blamed the tickets on human error by those who were supposed to review them. The speed camera vendor, American Traffic Solutions, was told to shut down the camera on Wednesday until whatever issue that resulted in Krupinski’s erroneous tickets was resolved, the article reports.

The Chicago Tribune reported in 2013 about earlier issues with the same camera ticketing parked cars.

Krupinski said it “would be spectacular” if the camera were permanently removed. Otherwise, those who simply pay their tickets without doing research “could be paying for a ticket that you didn’t deserve,” she said.

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