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5.0 stars
Posted by a client
December 7, 2015

An Excellent Experience

Are you in the need of an attorney? If yes I would strongly recommend Scott Ferris. Recently I used his services and found him to be excellent. He handled things expeditiously and was always available to answer my many questions and if wasn't available returned my call in a timely manner. I found him to be very caring and trustworthy. Working with him gave me confidence that in the end I would have a positive result and indeed I did.  I believe you can’t go wrong with the counsel of Scott Ferris.


5.0 stars
Posted by a client
December 6, 2015

Condo Law assistance by Scott Ferris.

Scott was very helpful to us in resolving an issue with one of the tenants in our condo association. Scott was especially good in helping us parse through the legal mumbo-jumbo so we (non-lawyers) could understand what was going on. His advice was right and we won our case. We are definitely going to use him again for all legal matters related to our condo association and other personal matters. He is a trusted advisor who I will be relying on in the future.


5.0 stars
Posted by a client
November 13, 2015

The best Lawyer in Miami and Florida

My divorce was extremely difficult due to my extremely hard to deal with ex-wife and an unfair post judgement. I tried hard for 4 years but my previous lawyer was going in circles not able to accomplish anything.

While desperate I searched for other lawyers and Scott Ferris came up as one of the best in Miami. I called him right the way, He was very kind, thorough and understanding of the situation. I had Mr. Scott Ferris represent me that same week. I hired Mr. Ferris in March 2015, he was so goal oriented and best of all REACHABLE!!!!!!! I went from not seeing my daughter to having fixed time sharing with my daughter regardless of how hard my ex-wife tries to sabotage the deals.

In just 3 months Mr. Ferris accomplished what my previous lawyer failed to do in 4 years! I was able to finally have time sharing with my daughter after 4 years of struggle.

Mr. Ferris is someone who is always looking for your best interest and willing to actually listen to your needs and worries anytime any day no matter what the situation is. Mr. Scott Ferris is a very impressive lawyer with his persistence and aggressiveness; no case is hard for him, he sets clear goals and pays attention to every detail.

Mr. Ferris proved me that good ethical lawyers exist! I am so glad there are reviews online because reading other people In situations like me gave me hope.

Mr. Scott Ferris is still representing me and if I didn't have faith in his incredible abilities to deal with the worst people )my ex-wife, her father and their lawyer) I will not be sharing my personal experience.

So please if you need help with your divorce or child custody or support, I highly recommend Mr. Scott Ferris, he is simply the BEST!!I thank you Mr. Ferris.


5.0 stars
Posted by Bert
on October 17, 2015

I would absolutely recommend Mr. Scott Ferris!!

I hired Scott after a friend highly recommended him and I am so happy to have done so! He immediately began working on my case and got the ball rolling, helping me with a very complicated case when I was losing all hope... He always answered my phone calls and emails keeping me informed throughout every step of the process. I can't say enough good things about Scott! He’s the absolute best! I've used other attorneys in the past, but have NEVER worked with one this professional or good!

Excellent Attorney!


5.0 stars
Posted by Camilo Diaz
on June 8, 2015

Skilled and trustworthy attorney in Miami !

Excellent attorney! Helped me so much thru difficult times. Great legal adviser. Case solver like no other in Miami. Mr. Ferris makes himself available 24/7. I will never forget when I called one holiday night and Mr. Ferris abandoned his child's baseball game to take care of my emergency. He is always courteous and professional even in the most stressful times.

Five stars rate to the entire staff in the office for the great job in accommodating clients like me, with a last minute's trouble.


5.0 stars
Posted by a client
on April 20, 2015

(True Professionalism at its best)

Mr. Scott Ferris is very prompt in all correspondence and kept us informed every step of the way. Made our family feel very valued, respected and represented ! I'm happy to say that I have dealt with Mr. Ferris for over 15 years, with VERY SATISFYING RESULTS.

I was very IMPRESSED with the way he handled our case. Mr. Ferris did a very PROFESSIONAL job, and I would be MORE THAN HAPPY to recommend his Law Firm to anyone needing a Professional Attorney, who pay attention to DETAIL....and MORE....



5.0 stars
Posted by Alex Binelo
on March 2, 2015

Scott Ferris Review

Scott was very knowledgeable and was very responsive to any inquiries. Scott was able to quickly mediate the matter and as a result the process was very short from beginning to end. He has the best interest of his clients and looks for quick ways to mitigate the matter to help with fees. I highly recommend Scott!


5.0 stars
Posted by Conrad
on Oct 21, 2014

"The lawyer who came to my rescue!"

My name is Conrad and I've used different lawyers in the past to help me with my family court issues for years to no avail until I came in contact with Mr. Scott Ferris. Scott as he likes to be called, got the courts to grant me what my other lawyers couldn't. Whichever father should have time in his child's life from Friday - Sunday, morning, every weekend, also a week in the summer and winter break then they need Mr. Scott Ferris. Everything that Mr. Ferris helped me with makes him a first class lawyer in my book, and if you use him he'll be the same in yours!


5.0 stars
Posted by Maggie
on Mar 12, 2014

Great Response!

We contacted Scott on Novembers, (holiday weekend) . It was after hours and without knowing us he give us his legal advice. He agreed to see us, that same weekend. We meet at his office Sunday approximately at 7.00 pm. At that point, we felt confident; we knew then he will be our lawyer for life. He is aggressive and passionate. During the length of our case, each time we contacted him, he answered almost instantly. Great response. We will recommend Scott. He is great doing what he does. Scott is a true professional with high standards.


Timely and Efficient

Posted by Phyllis, a Child Support client

My family and I found ourselves in a legal situation that was filled with a variety of twists and turns. Complicating matters even more was the fact that Mr. Ferris had to operate under rigid time constraints. Despite all of this, Mr. Ferris skillfully peeled away each level of complexity and ultimately helped to provide our family with a very happy ending!


The Best Attorney, I was fortunate to retain him……

Posted by Barbara, a Child Custody client

Mr. Ferris is not only a knowledgeable attorney, he has compassion, does what he sets out to do and very patient with clients who need to be led by the hand… family is fortunate to have met and retained this wonderful man, he helped us through the most difficult times and always had our best interest at heart.



Posted by Monica, an Alimony client

Scott Ferris was referred by a family member, when some issues in my previous divorce came up and I did not want to use my original attorney . After explaining what the situation was Scott went right to work in resolving the issues. He would contact me for information he needed and would keep me up on all matters at hand. Always answering questions when I had them and there were quite a few! Scott was always very kind and calming when that was needed as well. Our situation got resolved before our court date, I was very happy with the outcome. The office staff is very kind and helpful as well. As unpleasant as divorce situations can be Scott and his staff made it easier. Thank you.


Thoroughly goes above and beyond

Posted by an Internet client

Mr. Ferris has helped me on more than one occasion; and both times he has been extremely helpful, thorough and most of all truly concerned about the cases and my personal well being. He assisted me once with a divorce and once when I was being extorted for money. His expertise in the courtroom is displayed in his demeanor, confidence and most of all his highest level of integrity. I personally can not thank him enough for all his help.


 Justice against a corrupt police

Posted by William, a Criminal Defense client

I found myself sitting in jail in Miami Florida after an innocent night out at a bar I was harassed, unlawfully searched, and eventually charged. My faith in the system had been challenged and my options as shown to me by several “spineless” attorneys in the area informed me that this officer though corrupt would be held in finer regard when we went to trial. I felt abused by the legal system and disenchanted to say the least. Thankfully a friend turned me on to mr Ferris and I felt immediate relief . He was incredibly thorough and showed a willingness to fight back for my cause. That alone would have won my recommendation, but I am happy to say that above his effort that the proof of his ability was certainly in the proverbial pudding. He was excellent in questioning the officer and his actions on the night of the incident and even more dug into this corrupt polices past. To make a long story short the officer after being questioned refused to show up in court and my charges were dropped. I am very pleased to verify that Mr ferris was a better lawyer than I had ever imagined it is seldom that justice be brought to light in these types of cases and I’m thankful for this victory.

 Outstanding service, prepared, to the point, cost effective and reliable, expert advise

Posted by Camillo, a Divorce client

I have worked with Scott Ferris in two different settings in the past year, one for my divorce case and one for a dispute that my daughter had with a major banking institution that refused to refund fraudulent charges on her credit card. I had an outstanding experience and outcome on both counts. I recommend Scott Ferris without hesitation and with the highest degree of enthusiasm.


Posted by a Family client

Quite simply, Scott saved me over $600,000 in child support and alimony arrearages (assuming I were able to pay everything – but I could not); he wiped out “non-modifiable” alimony; properly reduced child support from $3,000 to $900—all within 5 months and never seeing a courtroom and never disclosing a confidential communication. Scott is diligent, honest and efficient.

Above and beyond the call…

Posted by Mariano, a Family client

Outstanding! Mr. Ferris walked me through one of the most difficult times in my life and made everything make sense. He is very thorough and knowledgeable. I have great respect for this man not only as a lawyer but as a father and a man as well. He instilled great confidence in me during my divorce, and helped me be a father to my children. Mr.Ferris is fair, and honest. I would recommend him to anyone seeking the advice of an expert.

Justice for Ferris’ clients!

Posted by Caterina, a Credit Card Fraud client

Scott Ferris did an incredible job representing me! He was completely honest, very thorough, and made passionate arguments that won my case so quickly I didn’t even have time to worry. He is also a really friendly guy! I definitely would work with him again.

Responsive and Trustworthy

Posted by Dina, a Child Support client

Mr. Ferris did a wonderful job. He took a stressful situation and made it as smooth as possible. Mr. Ferris anwered all of my questions in detail, he is thorough a true professional and efficient. Also, working with his staff is beyond words; they never made me feel like I was alone. Mr. Ferris, knows his litigation so let him help he will do a FANTASTIC job.


Posted by: Lourdes, a criminal defense client

Most importantly, he had my son’s case dismissed, which is what we all want as clients seeking an attorney.

Extremely Knowledgeable and Detail Oriented

Posted by: a criminal defense client

Mr. Ferris made possible out of what seemed impossible. He is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to Federal Criminal Law. This extensive knowledge coupled with determination and high attention to detail was key to our case. He left no stone unturned! If you want the best possible outcome, I highly recommend calling Mr. Ferris!

The best lawyer in Miami

Posted by: Veronica, a Criminal Defense client

One evening, I was searching for an attorney and I came across Scott Ferris’s website. That evening I emailed him for my son and he responded immediately with legal advice. I hired him and it has been smooth sailing since then. He charges a reasonable amount for his cases and his office staff is excellent. Lisandra keeps you well informed on your case and Scott Ferris gets the job done. Take my advice and hire Scott Ferris, you will be thanking me.

Persistent/Great Lawyer 

Posted by: Corey, a Family law client.

In dealing with the relocation of my fiancé and her son to another state, we could not ask for a better lawyer. Scott is very persistent and professional. He treated our case with extreme care and used his experience to lead us in the right direction. When going into a case like ours, it was very scary to choose a lawyer, as it was going to affect the rest of our lives. We are very glad that we chose Scott and sincerely recommend him to everyone. 

Very positive experience 

Posted by: Paul, a debt collection client 

I retained Mr. Ferris through a recommendation from a mutual business contact who assured me of Mr. Ferris’ hard working, no nonsense attitude that produced results. He was spot on. Aside from keeping me in the loop every step of the way, Mr. Ferris achieved the best possible outcome on a civil collection matter in the shortest period of time, and in a cost efficient manner. I can honestly say he exceeded my expectations in every way possible. I would not hesitate in any way to use Mr. Ferris again if the situation arose. 

An attorney you can always count on! 

Posted by: a Family client 

Scott A Ferris is a “one-of-kind” attorney in this often complicated and hard to navigate arena of family law. He is definitely in a league above and beyond any other attorney which I have used regarding my case. His attention to detail and responsiveness is critical in situations regarding children which more often than not can be time-sensitive matters. He is also an extremely ethical lawyer who will always put the best interest of the child first. He is always fair and has a way of putting all the small details of the case into perspective ultimately helping the client to understand better how to proceed. 

Great reoccurring experience every time I request the services of Scott Ferris. 

Posted by: Marlon, a landlord & tenant client 

I have used Scott twice in the past year and the guidance received from Scott has been advantages for my business each time. Scott has always made himself available to me during as well as after business hours (weekends as well). My experiences to date have been nothing less than informative and prompt. I have the need for further legal services in the near future and without question, the Law Office of Scott A. Ferris, P.A. is whom I will be calling to assist with my legal needs. On a personal matter Scott was able to put me in touch with another law firm to work on a case that he was not able to take on due to the geographical location which was not conducive for Scott to work on. The firm that he put me in contact with has been good but I do not have the same personable feeling with them that I have with Scott, who in my opinion raises the bar higher than others. 

Got my life back! 

Posted by: a divorce client 

Mr. Ferris listened to my concerns, was very informative and did an outstanding job in a timely manner. Not having a choice but to hire an attorney I did my homework, interviewed many attorneys and finally decided on Mr. Ferris. I made the right decision without a doubt. 

Very Pleased! 

Posted by: a criminal defense client 

I work for an entertainment management firm in Los Angeles, and we needed a lawyer based in Miami who could appear on behalf of one of our clients. Problem was we needed the lawyer to be available basically the next day to go to court. Scott came highly recommended by a lawyer our firm works with in New York. I contacted Scott who immediately returned my phone call and made himself available to help us out at the last minute. He was completely professional, trustworthy, and efficient across the board. He was even able to get my client’s charges dismissed. He went above and beyond by even helping us obtain his bail refund. My client and I are very satisfied and pleased with the service of Scott and his staff. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. 

Scott A. Ferris- Highly Recommended

Posted by: a criminal defense client

I hired Scott with very serious felony charges against me. He handled the case brilliantly and I could not have asked for a better result. Scott and his staff treated me with respect and were always well prepared. I recommend Scott to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, first class attorney with tremendous integrity.

Good Advice, Direct and Results

Posted by: Roberto, a divorce client

Scott helped me a great deal. He is a detail person, persistent, and a good source of the law in Miami. 100% do no hesitate to contact him for your needs.

Quality, Reliable Attorney

Posted by: JC, a business client

Scott has been my attorney for many years. first, as my corporate attorney for my (fine) jewelry stores, then, regrettably, for my divorce. Scott was there for me seven days a week and became a dear friend as well. I found him very intelligent on whatever I asked and he was always willing to help.

Highly Recommended!!!

Posted by: Maria, a litigation client

I hired Scott Ferris for a contract dispute with a business partner, and then for my divorce. He was fantastic for both! He is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of the law and in BOTH cases, put me in a far better position than I could have imagined (and frankly, much better than any other lawyers I consulted with said they could do for me!). He is truly one of the most gifted lawyers I have seen.

Saved My Life!

Posted by: David, a criminal defense client

I hired Scott for a criminal matter in which the charges were very serious (I was arrested and put in jail). The charges were untrue, and one by one Scott melted them away. I now can start my life over. Scott was there for my every need when I contacted him

Comments on the Best Divorce Lawyer (in my opinion) in Miami

Posted by: Andy, a divorce client

I picked Scott Ferris randomly out of the Yellow Pages to represent me, when my wife of 14 years filed for divorce last August. Boy, was I lucky with my random choice! I found Scott to be extremely competent, and he was truly “by my side” during this trying period. He was not only my lawyer, but also my best friend, who would be emailing me occasionally at 1 a.m. when he felt that I needed his advice. He handled the depositions and the mediation brilliantly, and got me a financial deal as good as I could hope for. He gave me his cell phone number and encouraged me to call him 24/7, if I needed to.

His office staff is wonderful. Moreover, I found out that my ex-wife paid more than twice as much to her attorney, than what Scott charged me. With all his talents, care and compassion, he is even reasonable! What more could one ask for??

Great Premarital Lawyer

Posted by: a prenuptials client

I recently chose Mr. Ferris as my legal representative for a premarital agreement. Such agreements come with mixed emotions and after receiving the agreement only a week before the wedding, I thought it may never get done in time for the big day. There were many changes to be made and it was not a simply written agreement. What Mr. Ferris accomplished under very limited circumstances all in one week was honestly incredible and a relief. Should I have any issues in the future, I would definitely seek Mr. Ferris’ counsel again without hesitation.

Outstanding Lawyer and friend

Posted by: Mirella, a divorce client

Scott helped me with my divorce in a way that no other lawyer could have done it better. He was always ready to respond in a very professional and direct way with whatever was coming at us, he was outstanding he made my life a lot easier. I am a very happy person again. Thank you Scott.

Great results!

Posted by: Arlynes, a divorce client

Mr Ferris is a very strong lawyer who helped me go through my divorce process showing a great level of knowledge.

A Friend Indeed

Posted by: Vor, an employment client

“Helping a Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed”. That is how I feel about Scott A. Ferris who helped me resolve a dispute with an employer of almost 20 years. It was a delicate matter that required a soft touch at times and an iron fist at others. Somehow, Scott always seemed to know which strategy to use first and at the right time. He will work tirelessly for you as I have seen in my case emails and updates to me even at 2 in the morning! Scott will fight as hard or as delicately as wished, just give him the latitude and he will win the case for you and your family. My case and claim was resolved positively for my family and with relatively minor expenses and complications. In the end, the Return On Investment is well worth having Scott fight for you and your rights.

Scott A. Ferris is the lawyer for you if you indeed need a friend when you are in need.

Scott Ferris, an Excellent Lawyer

Posted by: Janeth, a fraud client

Scott Ferris is a lawyer you can count on. A professional with a long history and experience. I recommend him a thousand times with my eyes closed.

Scott Ferris is an Attorney you can Count on!

Posted by: Melissa, a criminal defense client

Scott Ferris has defended my son on two separate cases over the last 5 years. He is an attorney that you can count on. Choosing a criminal defense attorney is one of the most important decisions of your life when faced with circumstances that can negatively affect your good name and liberties. Scott is the only criminal defense attorney that I would recommend hiring if you are in jeopardy of losing either of those. He works relentlessly and uses all resources available to achieve the best possible result. He is always accessible either by phone or email and that is important when your freedom is on the line. I recommend Scott Ferris to anyone that has issues in his areas of expertise because of his incredible work ethic, experience and knowledge.

Great attorney and friend

Posted by: a family client

Scott has provided me with excellent services for almost 10 years. My case can get quite complicated, and Scott has always been there for me both as legal counsel as well as friendly advice. He is hard-working, diligent, and follows up on all of my concerns quickly.

Scott A. Ferris

Posted by: a construction client

My wife, Lorna, and I have known Scott for several years. We were fortunate enough to have Scott represent us in a litigation dispute with our contractor, who we incurred numerous problems with while refurbishing our home. Scott not only resolved a very contentious dispute for us, he availed himself to us almost around the clock, as he put my wife and I in a better frame of mind and explained the intricacies of litigation; construction disputes; and, the evolution of resolution. We feel Scott is a very honorable man and we certainly recommend him as an attorney to others.

I recommend Scott Ferris

Posted by: Dominique, a child custody client

I would personally recommend Scott Ferris as an attorney for any type of Criminal, Divorce, or Personal injury matter. Scott managed to win four hearings for me in a little over 12 months. I started with nothing and ended up getting an incredible outcome which was well beyond my expectations. I reflect constantly on how blessed I am that Scott managed to win so much for me and my family. His personal attention, hard work and professionalism, will always be remembered and appreciated. I was living overseas during my case and Scott often worked through the night just to get me an answer to a question or issue.

Scott was always one step ahead. He kept me informed of how things were progressing and he was very open with me regarding my options. It was great going to court knowing Scott was in my corner. It gave me confidence and relieved a lot of the stress. Scott is a friend and an incredible attorney, a combination that you just can’t beat!!!! Thank you Scott

Scott A. Ferris

Posted by: a commercial client

Scott A. Ferris, Esq. has represented our small medical device company in several ways over the last 8-10 years. I not only have gotten to know Mr. Ferris very well as I watched him maneuver magnificently in the courtroom, but when he would be giving advice pre and post trial. Mr. Ferris always prepares himself well with the facts, does his homework and then represents our company very well. Sometimes I feel that he is a Man of Steel, but then I remember his name, and know that I should call him “a Man of Iron”. Scott Ferris has never let us down, he has represented us well and it is my honor to recommend him to you.

Scott A. Ferris is the only attorney I would recommend.

Posted by: John, a divorce client

I met Mr. Ferris when my first marriage was in disarray. I was in the middle of a divorce and the previous attorney I hired was unsatisfactory. When I met with Scott I was frustrated and confused. However, after a short time consulting with him I knew I was in good hands. Mr. Ferris took my perplexed situation and mediated it to perfection. In addition, Scott has helped my second wife and I mediate a fair child visitation and support agreement for my step daughter. Marriage is tough and through the adversities of day to day living I have found myself calling Mr. Ferris for advice. Scott is not only a great attorney he is a good friend.

Client Recommendation

Posted by: Rob, a divorce client

It is a great pleasure to write a review of services provided by Mr. Scott A. Ferris. After having consider difficulty with a divorce mediation attorney, I was referred to Mr. Ferris by a friend of the family. Scott was a godsend. He offered effective and sensitive consultation throughout all phases of my divorce. Mr. Ferris was always willing to take the extra step in helping me to negotiate anxiety-provoking communications with my ex-wife and children. In effect, he was like a brother to me during a time of considerable duress. I am forever grateful to him for his legal prowess and friendship.

Bottom line: I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend Mr. Ferris to others who need divorce-related service or other areas of expertise he possesses.

Scott Ferris

Posted by: Ronald, a debt settlement client

Great lawyer, very aggressive, and got a good decision for me in more than one case.

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