What should you do if you’re attacked at work in Miami?

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If you’ve been injured in a violent attack while you were at work, you may not know that you can pursue recourse beyond the criminal justice system. All too often innocent employees of jewelry stores, banks, convenience stores and other retail establishments think that the only way back to normal is to see the perpetrator put behind bars – but a Miami personal injury attorney can provide further help.

If your employer didn’t take adequate measures to protect you while you were on the job, you may be entitled to damages in a negligent security lawsuit.

In a negligent security case, your Miami personal injury attorney will argue that your employer is liable for your injuries, even though they were caused by a third party, because they did not take appropriate steps to secure the property. This can include poor lighting, broken or inadequate locks, insufficient security or inadequate access control, among other factors.

Many individuals have been affected by circumstances like these – whether they were attacked after locking up the store for the night because the parking lot used by staff is unlit or suffered through a robbery because their employer did not staff a security guard.

If you’ve been injured mentally or physically as a result of a crime like this, contact Scott A. Ferris Esq. to discuss your case. Scott is an experienced and tireless Miami personal injury attorney who will argue your case aggressively in a court of law. Call 305-670-3330 today to find out how you can move on with your life and get the compensation you deserve.