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4 Reasons To Finalize Your Divorce In 2018 To Save Money – Forbes.com

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Heather L. Locus, CONTRIBUTOR If your marriage is on the rocks, you need to be thoughtful about the timing of decisions -- the government has recently enacted many tax laws that impact divorcing couples, especially those with high net worth. Tax codes are confusing in the best of times. This – let’s be honest – is not the best of times, which makes it more important that you understand how these new laws affect you. How do you decide... [...]

10 Ways Joining a Support Group Changes a Man’s Divorce- HuffPost

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  When you are looking for someone to help you get through your divorce, the first person most people think of getting is a divorce lawyer. Or a therapist. Or both. At some point you may consider “circling the wagons” and enlisting your friends and family for support. But joining a divorce support group is rarely something that comes to mind right away ... especially if you are a man. Men aren’t supposed to need to express their... [...]