7 Reasons You Should Sell Your Diamond After Divorce

Sometimes a divorce isn't enough, and the parties involved may want to get an annulment, instead.

7 Reasons You Should Sell Your Diamonds After Divorce
“What are you going to do with your ring?” If you are divorced, you have heard this question more times than you can count. In fact, you may still be wearing it, out of habit or attachment or even to ward off those questions that might come when your left finger is naked. Take a deep breath, get a little soap (yup, those suckers can get stuck) – it’s time to get rid of that tie to your past and gain some income in return.

Engagement and wedding rings are supposed to represent eternity, renewal and love at its most perfect. When things don’t work out quite the way you had expected and the commitment has been severed, then what? You are, at the very least, left with a valuable asset. And, as any divorced woman knows, assets after divorce are not to be squandered.

Whether you initiated the divorce or it caught you completely unaware, whether you would be happy if you never saw your ex again, or still harbor intense feelings for him, the ring is a binding tie that isn’t doing you any good. In fact, it could be weighing you down emotionally and acting as a bar to you moving forward and embracing your new life.

Here Are 7 Reasons To Sell Your Diamond Ring After Divorce:

1. The ring represents an emotional attachment to the past. If that attachment is gone, it is time for the diamond to take a hike also. Whether you are ready to face it or not, your engagement and wedding rings impact how you feel emotionally. Having them around keeps you stuck in the past instead of accepting the reality of your divorce and the emotional healing that needs to be done. You may not be ready today to let go but letting go of anything that reminds of you something that no longer exists will speed up your recovery process.

2. Divorce is expensive! Whether you are still going through the divorce process or, are on the other side, more than likely you’ve invested a lot of cash in a divorce attorney. Selling your diamond will help you cover those costs of and other expenses that necessarily will arise in the divorce process.

3. If you were a stay-at-home Mom and are struggling financially to maintain a home for yourself and your children, selling your diamond can give you a sense of financial security. It’s money in the bank to make mortgage payments or, clothe and feed your children while you work at getting back on your feet financially. It’s financial peace of mind!

4. Marriages matter, diamonds don’t! Diamonds are a lot like fireworks used to celebrate the marriage. They are shiny and fun to look at but ultimately pointless once your marriage ends. Sell it and invest the money in something “shiny and new” that symbolizes something positive in your new life. (We do know one woman who sold her ring and bought a very expensive vibrator – with no regrets!)

5. Celebrities do it. Did you know that Demi Moore sold her engagement ring from Ashton Kutcher for $250,000 so that she could officially move on? Or that Elin Nordegren auctioned off her engagement ring and other jewelry given to her by Tiger Woods – for $2.5 million no less! Even Elizabeth Taylor got in on the action, selling her legendary Taylor-Burton diamond for $5 million after her second divorce from Richard Burton (and the lovely Liz used the proceeds to build a hospital in Botswana). Most of us don’t have engagement rings that will give us that kind of windfall, and we certainly can’t use the proceeds to fund hospitals. But it will put a little more cash in our pockets – and we think Liz would approve.

6. If you like wearing jewelry, and miss that comfortable weighty feeling on your left hand, wear something that represents you! Take the opportunity to get the best of both worlds: sell that diamond and buy yourself a little something with half, and keep the remaining cash. Or why not upgrade to something you’ve always wanted? Take the proceeds and buy yourself something truly fabulous. It will come to be even more meaningful – your gift to you – than the one that represents broken promises and vows.

7. Throwing your ring in the ocean, flushing it down the toilet, giving the ring a burial in a coffin and actually launching it into space in a homemade rocket (for real!) – we’ve heard it all. And while doing something dramatic may give you momentary satisfaction, at the end of the day you are still without a ring and no richer. Throw away something symbolic – and then sell the ring. You’ll still get the satisfaction, and the cash.

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