Allegations against plastic surgeon charged with attempted murder and kidnapping are false, says Miami criminal defense attorney

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A plastic surgeon charged with the kidnapping and attempted murder of his ex-girlfriend has been released from jail for the first time since his May 7 arrest after paying his $100,000 bond. According to NBC 6 South Florida, 41-year-old Orlando Llorente has been placed under house arrest and ordered not to leave his home unless he is meeting with his Miami criminal defense attorney, attending a court hearing or fulfilling a professional obligation.

The source reported in a May 8 article that the doctor allegedly attacked his ex after reading a Facebook message of hers that made him angry. The affidavit states that Llorente dragged the woman into the bathroom, banged her head against the wall and forced her head into the toilet. She reportedly lost consciousness at one point during the 12- to 16-hour incident when he forced a rag into her mouth and poured water over her face while she was subdued in a bathtub.

“I don’t see anything within the narrative that suggests that Dr. Llorente prevented the alleged victim from leaving, either by threat, by force or by implication of force,” the defendant’s Miami criminal defense attorney said a few weeks ago, according to the source. He added that the allegations against his client are false.

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