American Airlines sues fueling company for breach of contract over 2011 MIA fire

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When two or more parties – be they private citizens or organizations – enter into a contract, the failure of one of those parties to meet its stipulations may require the enlistment of a Miami breach of contract attorney.

According to the legal news outlet Law360, American Airlines has filed breach of contract claims against Allied Aviation Fueling of Miami Inc. related to the explosion of a fuel tank at Miami International Airport in March 2011.

American Airlines has alleged that Allied Aviation is in breach of contract for “failing to supply and properly and safely store fuel it owned, as well as for other damages [American Airlines] suffered as a result of the March 23, 2011 accident,” the news outlet stated.

As a result of the fire, which CBS Miami reported was due to a malfunction near a fuel pipeline in the fuel farm managed by Allied Aviation, the official complaint from American Airlines states that the company had to cancel and delay flights, incurred increased cost to obtain fuel from other providers and suffered “related consequential business damages.”

The suit was filed in a Florida state court  on Monday, June 17.

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