Ask a Miami breach of contract lawyer: What constitutes a material breach?

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Previously on this blog, we addressed the topic of a material breach of contract, explaining what it is and how a Miami breach of contract attorney can assist individuals in mounting an effective legal case. In today’s post, we’ll more closely examine the factors that help determine whether a dispute is considered a material breach.

According to Nolo, an online legal resource, the following criteria indicate evidence of a material breach of an agreement: 
• The contract explicitly outlines certain actions that constitute a material breach
• The breaching party is likely not willing or able to fix the issue 
• The breaching party is not close to fulfilling its part of the deal
• The breaching party willfully acted in bad faith when entering the contract 
• The non-breaching party has been deprived of the essential thing for which he or she bargained 
• The non-breaching party is “ready, willing and able” to meet its end of the agreement
• The problem cannot be resolved with little effort and expense.

As always, a Miami breach of contract attorney can help you better understand the ins and outs of a material breach.

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