Ask a Miami divorce attorney: Suspension of driver’s licenses and motor vehicle registrations

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Ending a marriage is difficult for everyone involved, which is why it’s essential to have an experienced Miami divorce attorney by your side. Sometimes, financial issues can make the process particularly stressful, especially when two parties are trying to determine how to fairly provide for their children. With this in mind, there are some regulations in place with the purpose of enforcing child support orders that your Miami divorce attorney can help you better understand.

Florida Statute 61.13016 addresses one of the main punishments that can befall a parent who fails to meet specific child support requirements.

“The driver’s license and motor vehicle registration of a support obligor who is delinquent in payment or who has failed to comply with subpoenas or a similar order to appear or show cause relating to paternity or support proceedings may be suspended,” states the statute.

In these cases, the parent will receive a notice saying that the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles will suspend his or her license unless he or she does the following within 20 days: 
• Contests the delinquency action by filing a petition
• Enters a written agreement saying that he or she will make the payment 
• Pays the full amount of money owed.

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