Ask a Miami divorce lawyer: Adjusting child support standards

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Though every divorce proceeding is unique, Florida lawmakers have taken steps to streamline this process by making certain aspects more uniform. In previous posts, we’ve referenced the Child Support Guidelines Worksheet, which must be submitted to the court if this award is being sought. This document includes a breakdown of standard minimum payments as determined by the incomes of both spouses, and the needs of any children from the union.

However, as with most aspects of Florida divorce law, there is always room for a a Miami divorce lawyer to veer from the standard if it’s appropriate for your case. To preserve this ability, Statute 61.30 has outlined the factors that could make it appropriate to adjust the minimum standard child support payments, or reestablish the share each parent must pay toward a child’s upbringing.

These variables include, but are not limited to:

  • Ages of children from the union
  • Any income earned by a child
  • Assets either spouses or child have access to
  • Division of time delineated in the parenting plan
  • Cost to manage disabilities or special needs of a child
  • Substantial medical expenses, including psychological and dental
  • Variations in parent income (such as seasonal fluctuations).

Even an amicable split can lead to a contentious divorce, especially when the long-term care of children is involved. That’s why it is essential to enlist the aid of an experienced Miami divorce attorney who is familiar with child support guidelines and how these figures can be altered on a case-by-case basis.

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