Ask a Miami family lawyer: Birthdays and holidays after a divorce

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Ending a marriage can be a particularly complicated process when children are involved, as spouses may struggle to reach a parenting agreement that satisfies everyone. In these situations, a Miami family lawyer can be an invaluable ally, advocating on your behalf and ensuring that you reach a favorable outcome that is in the best interest of your children.

However, even after divorce proceedings have ended and a plan has been put into place, parents will need to be communicative about their custody agreement — especially when it comes to special occasions such as birthdays and holidays. With this in mind, online legal resource has published a list of advice that can make this amicable for everyone involved, which your Miami family lawyer would be happy to discuss with you in further detail:

Consider celebrating special occasions twice – This way, your children can look forward to birthday parties and other important holidays with both of their parents.

Plan ahead – Being proactive can make a huge difference, but it’s important to be flexible as well.

Push your grievances aside – Even if there is bitterness or residual anger between you and your ex-spouse, it’s a good idea to try to keep this in check, as failing to do so may put children in an uncomfortable position in which they feel obligated to take sides.

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