Brother of rapper killed, shooter confesses without Miami criminal defense lawyer

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If you stand accused of a violent crime, a Miami criminal defense lawyer can help you determine the best course of action to take. That’s why police are required to read any suspect their Miranda Rights – which clearly state that they are legally entitled to consult an attorney before any questioning takes place.

However, when Miami man Rob Dobson was apprehended earlier this week after allegedly shooting and killing Wilbrent Bain – reportedly a friend and neighbor of the suspect and brother of local rapper Trina – at around 9:30 am on April 23, police arrived on the scene and arrested Dobson. Sources report that, after the law enforcement officers read Dobson his rights, he confessed to shooting Bain. The victim was already dead when the investigators arrived, and was unarmed when the incident occurred, according to the arrest affidavit.

As of April 24, NBC Miami stated that it was unclear if Dobson had hired a Miami criminal defense lawyer to represent him. He is currently accused of second-degree murder.

Local residents who knew both men told NBC that they were friends, but had been arguing recently. Police said that Dobson and Bain “had a dispute.” Dobson was armed and allegedly shot Bain repeatedly as the victim was getting off of his bike.

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