Cano’s baby mama says he’s a deadbeat dad | New York Post

Cano’s baby mama says he’s a deadbeat dad | New York Post

Yankee free agent Robinson Cano is locked in a child-support battle with his Dominican baby mama, who is hoping to bump up his bargain-basement $600-a-month payments to $25,000.

The All-Star second baseman, who made $15 million this past season, is often late with payments that go toward raising his 3-year-old son, Robinson Miguel Cano Castro, the child’s mom, Jackelin Castro, told ESPN.

The 30-year-old Cano insists he’s paying the agreed-upon amount. But Castro says the payments are inconsistent.

Castro says payments for May and June were made on July 2, and July and August payments were made on Aug. 15.

“It’s like a crumb because I [have] to chase after that money,” Castro told ESPN’s “Outside the Lines.”

Cano hopes to receive long-term contract offers in the $300 million range as a free agent.
Even though $600 goes a long way in the Dominican Republic — where the average yearly salary is $2,370 — Castro’s supporters believe the child deserves more.

Castro’s lawyer, Wendy Diaz, said Cano should be paying closer to $25,000 a month.
“I believe the money he gives to his son, when he does, is not enough to feed the dogs of Robinson Cano’s house,” said Diaz.

Cano said he’s giving plenty to his kid beyond the monthly stipend.

“I have gone above and beyond to care for my child, including an agreed-upon monthly stipend, a house, a car, insurance, school and other essentials for the baby and his mother, as well as many other things including toys and clothing,” Cano said in a prepared statement.

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