Child Custody Issues Can Become Sticky Situations

After a divorce, it's a good idea for you and your ex-spouse to talk about how you'll co-parent your children.

Child Custody Issues Can Become Sticky Situations

When parents seek a divorce, many factors help decide the child custody arrangements, but Florida courts are most interested in safeguarding the best interests of the child. The premise is that children can become quite disrupted by divorce, but providing as much stability and continuity as possible is vital to a child’s daily life.

If parents go into court with a feasible agreement for child custody, the court will usually make the decision easily and according to the wishes of the parents. However, if parents are in a conflict over such issues like with whom the child will reside or where a child will attend school, the court will make custody decisions based on key circumstances surrounding the child’s life.

The court will look in depth at a family’s history, including the mental and physical condition of the parents and if there are any allegations of domestic violence or abuse of any kind. A parent’s moral reputation may come under scrutiny, and the court will want to know if the parents are capable of providing a stable environment for the children.

A parent who is in a quandary over child custody issues might want to seek the advice of a divorce attorney. When parents disagree regarding their children, the courts will delve into relationships and determine whether parents will cooperate with each other. The courts will establish physical custody or legal custody of a child based on what they see as the best possible situation for a child’s overall welfare. An attorney may help a parent build a case and make recommendations to the court that could assist in solving child custody disputes more easily for the sake of the children.

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