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Former NFL star and current Fox analyst Cris Carter filed for divorce last year


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Is Cris Carter’s divorce growing contentious?

Former Miami Dolphins receiver and current Fox Sports football analyst Cris Carter has been quietly going through a divorce that’s becoming increasingly contentious, according to court records in Boca Raton.

The 51-year-old NFL hall of famer, who happens to be a minister, filed against Melanie Carter last year in a Palm Beach County family court.

According to records, they were married in 1990 and have been living in the Boca area since. They have two adult children. Their 26-year-old, Duron Carter, is, like his dad, a wide receiver. But two attempts to make the NFL fell short, and he is now with the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football League.

The divorce papers shows that Cris and Melanie Carter have been separated for at least 10 years. Both claim their marriage is now “irretrievably broken.”

While the divorce seemed relatively routine at first, things have become much more unpleasant as of late with Melanie allegedly getting the runaround regarding access to Cris’ financial documents.

There have been several unsuccessful attempts to obtain financial information about the 2012 sale of Cris’ security company in Atlanta, a company he owned with his brothers. elanie also claims she recently discovered Cris has been spending money that she claims belongs to the marital pot.

She wants alimony and the couple’s $1.5 million-marital home in Boca’s Patch Reef Estates.

“The wife has been a good and loving spouse,” her counter-petition reads, “who labored diligently as (Cris’) companion, confidant, business partner and homemaker.”

Neither lawyer involved is returning calls for comment.

Cris Carter retired in 2002. He’s best known for his 11 seasons with the Minnesota Vikings. Since his retirement, he’s been an analyst on several football shows, including HBO’s “Inside the NFL.” He now co-hosts “First Things First,” a new show on Fox Sports.

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