Divorce Mediation Process

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During the divorce process, you might be ordered to go to mediation with your spouse. While in mediation, you can usually have a Miami divorce & mediation lawyer with you who can offer advice about what to answer and the information that you should reveal. There are usually numerous sessions that you’ll be asked to attend before going to court to complete the divorce process. Keep in mind that there are couples who are able to work on their communication skills and who are able to put the relationship back together with the help of mediation.

When you go to mediation sessions, you’ll be able to voice some of the concerns that you have and some of the good things about the relationship. A Miami family attorney can offer assistance before the appointment by making a list of the questions and details that you want to discuss with the mediator and your spouse. Your attorney can also go over some of the triggers that you might want to think about so that you aren’t easily agitated in the session. If you’re able to stay calm, then you’ll usually find that mediation can work if you want to try to keep your relationship together.

After a few sessions, you can talk to someone from The Law Office of Scott A. Ferris to see if you should pursue further talks with the mediator. If you feel as though you’re getting nowhere in the sessions, then a Miami divorce lawyer can work with you to draft the final divorce papers as well as any other documents that you might need that pertain to separating from your spouse. Your attorney can go to court with you so that you have someone who can offer advice about offers that are given by your spouse and who can stand up for what you deserve.