Divorced Parents? Now There’s An App For That

divorce parents

Vanessa Borge

Belkis DeChurch and her husband, who have been separated for two years, have two daughters together – Damari and Daniela.

“The biggest adjustment for the two of us has been figuring out the timing with the kids, what days, who is going to have them, and what’s fair for both of us,” she said.

They started using the app Fayr almost two months ago. It simplifies everyday matters for divorced parents.

Before they downloaded the app, Belkis and her ex used to have to send texts to each other about which parent would have the kids that week.

“Now having it in a calendar where we can both pull it up and use it, we don’t have to text,” said DeChurch.

It makes life easier not just for mom and dad.

“The girls are always asking, ‘Is this your week mommy or is it daddy’s?’ Now they get on my phone and they have the calendar accessible to them as well,” she said.

Fayr was created by a Weston resident and divorced dad of two, Michael Daniels, whose ex-wife lives in Miami.

“Let’s find a way to document, on the fly in real time, and that way the communication is constantly there,” said Daniels.

Apart from the family calendar, Fayr tracks activities and time sharing and can hold records of expenses and even location check ins. Court-ready documents can be exported with just one touch.

“Other people that are going through this and getting a divorce. I think it’s an amazing app for so many of us,” said DeChruch.

Fayr is available on iOS with a monthly subscription of 4.99. It will be available for Android at the end of 2017.

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