DMX to pays ex-wife $15,000 in child support

DMX pays ex-wife $15,000 in child support

In the Sunshine State, there are two ways to go about ending your marriage: regular dissolution of marriage and simplified dissolution of marriage.

Florida fans of DMX might be interested to know that the rapper will not get to keep the royalty checks that he normally receives from Universal Music Group. They have been garnished and will be sent to his ex-wife to support the four children that they had during their marriage and for other expenses.

According to the child support order, DMX has to send $15,000 to his ex-wife every month. The payment plan breaks this down to $10,000 for the children and $5,000 more for other expenses. The four children that the 43-year-old had with his ex-wife are not the only ones whom he has fathered. He has had 11 kids with several different women and pays thousands of dollars every month in child support for those kids.

At the end of 2013, the New York native agreed to pay an undisclosed amount to settle a $1 million child support lawsuit. Only months before that settlement, the former Ruff Ryders front man filed for bankruptcy. During an interview on ‘The Dr. Phil Show,” the rapper said that he used to make $13 million per year. If he was still making that kind of money, he could have paid the $1 million in that earlier child support case. However, he has not earned that much in about a decade. This has put him behind in child support payments, but he says that his children get what they need.

In Florida child support cases, there is a formula guideline that simplifies the process of determining how much one parent sends the other to provide the financial means for caring for their children. Several factors are taken into account, including how many children are involved, the percentage of financial responsibility of each parent, each parent’s net income and health care costs.

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