Dwyane Wade, Ex Settle Divorce: Miami Heat Star Pays ‘Hush’ Money – Yahoo Sports

Dwyane Wade, Ex Settle Divorce: Miami Heat Star Pays ‘Hush’ Money – Yahoo Sports

COMMENTARY | Finally, Dwyane Wade and his ex-wife settled their long, public and nasty divorce to the tune of $5 million. Reportedly, the Miami Heat paid Siohvaughn Funches to stop the ongoing smear campaign. Now, Wade can turn his eyes to defending the team’s NBA Finals title next season.

While LeBron James, Chris Bosh and D-Wade were battling injuries and a tough playoffs series, one of Miami’s Big Three was quietly battling toxic fallout from divorce proceedings.

Wade and Funches exchanged vows in 2002 after dating in high school. However, five years later Wade filed for divorce. While it was granted in 2010, the issue of money and child custody remained up in the air.

He and his ex-wife were in and out of court over the custody of their two sons and things got nasty along the way. And I’m putting it lightly.

After feuds in court, Funches’ arrest for arriving late to a proceeding and her latest stunt of protesting outside Chicago court on allegedly being homeless, perhaps, the Miami Heat guard decided to end the fiasco, for the boys’ sake.

On July 22, ESPN reported that matters were finally settled; Dwyane Wade paid his ex-wife a sum of $5 million, which includes a non-disparagement agreement or NDA. Yea, like me, you’re probably thinking: “What the heck does that mean?”

According to the Business Dictionary, an NDA is defined as “A contract between two parties that prohibits one party from criticizing the other.”

Simply put, as part of the divorce settlement, Dwyane Wade and his ex must agree not to lob smears about the other to any third party, while keeping tight-lipped about their marriage and children.

It seems his baby mama hit where it hurts; Wade’s mom was homeless for a time in the past and the Heat star likely paid the hush money to stop the public mockery. That’s the long and short of the matter.

Obviously, with the stress of his divorce behind, D-Wade can now focus on helping the Miami Heat defend their title with a three-peat.

Last season, Wade was plagued by knee injuries that left his play and execution on the court in question. Bear in mind that while he and his ex-wife aired their dirty laundry in public over the marital split, the Heat still won two NBA titles.

You can’t make that up.

With Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife no longer a distraction (on paper) and the core of the Heat still in place, not much stands in the way of another title for the boys in South Beach.

Imagine that?

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