Elderly man beaten to death in nursing home, roommate confesses

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Even people who are accused of the most appalling crimes have the legal right to defend themselves in court, and a Miami criminal defense lawyer they receive a fair trial. This week, a resident of a local rehabilitation center may need the help of a Miami attorney after confessing that he beat his roommate to death.

The El Nuevo Herald reports that 41-year-old Michael Poole, who shared a room with 73-year-old Robert Verser at the South Dade Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, was taken in for questioning earlier after Miami-Dade police found Verser dead in his room on Wednesday morning. Prior to his death, Verser was confined to his bed, the source states.

“Homicide detectives determined the injuries weren’t consistent with a fall,” said police spokesperson Alvaro Zabaleta, and this conclusion led the investigating officers to suspect that force was involved. He explained that, when the police first reached out to Poole to discuss the incident, the suspect “had some visible marks on his hands.”

CBS Miami reported on April 10 that Poole admitted to local authorities that he had struck Verser, and that the blow led to his death. Both men had been living in the facility for a number of years.

As of yet, the motive behind Poole’s actions is unknown, and the city has yet to file formal charges against the suspect.

While both men have reportedly been convicted of drug offenses in the past, Poole was also charged with assault in 2006 and 2008, the Herald states. If he is convicted again, these offenses could result in a harsher sentence.

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