Florida grandmother held responsible for child support

Florida grandmother held responsible for child support

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A Florida woman has reportedly had child support deducted from her pay for the support of a grandchild. Her son was a minor when the child was born, but the deductions allegedly continued even after her son turned 18. When the woman and her attorney contacted officials about the situation, they allegedly received conflicting responses.

According to the woman’s attorney, they were told by the Department of Revenue in Sebring that a grandparent should not be responsible for support. However, a Tallahassee employee has said that the guardian of a minor parent may be served with the support petition or be a party to court action. The official said this does not oblige the grandparent to support the child and that the state would not pursue such action.

However, the woman has paid over a total of $3,000 in 2013 and 2014 through deductions. Now, she and her lawyer are trying to get to the bottom of the deductions to receive reimbursement. The woman’s son and father of the child is currently unemployed but claims that he is looking for work. He also says that he has not seen his daughter in two months and does not know where she and her mother are living.

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