Former executive director accused of stealing money from Overtown charity

MIAMI – For nearly 50 years, the Overtown-based Transition Inc. charity has helped formerly incarcerated or homeless people get back on their feet.

“They helped me find employment,” Freddie D. Clarke said. “They work with you, with your resume.”

Transition estimates they helped place 1,000 people in jobs last year and thousands of others get help in other ways to get back on their feet.

But now they need help as they believe a former employee stole a lot of their money.

“On Feb. 15, we had been notified that our executive director had committed embezzlement, fraud and forgery. She had actually forged checks in my name, and based on that, there is no money in the till,” David Tucker said.  

Tucker is the president of Transition Inc. He suspended and then fired former executive director Maylin Salgado, who is now under investigation for possible financial crimes.

He also had to fire all of Transition’s 14 employees, many of them who keep showing up for work.

“I work for money, but I also work for passion and I love what I do and that’s why I am here,” Beth Campos said. 

“I would like see people go to our page to pay our volunteer staff for the great work that they do,” Stephen Gilmore, the charity’s new executive director, said.

Gilmore is hoping the public comes to their rescue and supports their GoFundMe efforts. 

In the meantime, former employees are now volunteers, except for the one former employee who is under investigation.

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