Former sergeant sentenced to jail, Miami criminal defense lawyer calls for leniency

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If you currently stand accused of a felony or misdemeanor, you may feel like the judicial system is working against you – but, with a Miami criminal defense attorney, that isn’t the case. These professionals will advocate on your behalf, even when the prosecution – and, in some instances, the general public – has already assumed your guilt.

At the end of last month, news broke that Raul Iglesias, a former Miami police sergeant, was formally sentenced to four years in prison and three years of supervised probation after he was convicted of planting cocaine on a suspect and stealing drugs and cash from dealers during his time as an undercover agent in the city’s anti-narcotics unit. He was also charged with lying to federal investigators.

Iglesias, who served on the force for 16 years, was indicted in July 2012, and his case went to trial in January. The Miami Herald reports that, while prosecutors pushed for a harsh sentence to “set an example” for other corrupt officers on the force, the former sergeant’s Miami criminal defense lawyer argued that jail time was unnecessary because “he really poses no danger to the public.” He added that, for Iglesias, losing the job he had devoted his life to was a severe punishment in and of itself.

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