Gabrielle Union admits to Jada Pinkett Smith that she used to be ‘mean’ |

Gabrielle Union
Gabrielle Union talked to fellow Hollywood star and former frenemy Jada Pinkett Smith that she used to be ‘mean girl’ and needed a life coach to see things clearly.


Gabrielle Union just revealed a deep, dark secret. And it had to do with her divorce

Gabrielle Union, we hardly knew ye.

OK, so these days she is a superstar actress and awesome basketball wife to Dwyane Wade, but did you know she harbored a deep, dark secret?

Yes, Union used to be a mean girl and self professed “hater.”

How do we know?

She herself admitted as such on the new Facebook series “Red Table Talk.”

The former “Being Mary Jane” star (the show was just canceled) sat down with host Jada Pinkett Smith. The two actresses admitted another secret: They used to not like each other, for reasons neither can remember.

Hollywood. Sigh.

Seriously, though: Union is so refreshingly frank. On the newly launched web series, she also discussed how after divorcing former football player Chris Howard, she went through a bad patch. The two were married in 2001 and split four years later.

“I had to hit rock bottom. I had to lose everything,” Union told Pinkett Smith. “For me that was my first marriage, going through the divorce process.”

She also began alienating her friends due to her situation and became a temporary “troll.”

“I was having difficult relationships with my BFFs. I literally found myself under my bed with my dog.”

A life coach helped.

“I had to see myself clearly,” said the “Breaking In” star. “You’re the common denominator for the vast majority of your problems.”

Enter Dwyane Wade. The two first hooked up in 2009, while he was still married, and got hitched in 2014.

The basketball star likely helped with her outlook too.

The Wades’ relationship seems to be strong, despite the fact that that Miami Heat star admitted in 2013 that he had fathered a baby with another woman while the two were on break.

He’s always gushing about his wife on social media and taking romantic getaways to keep things fresh.

This past weekend, the couple was in France, attending the Formula One Grand Prix in Monaco, and hanging out on the beach. There’s a pic of them embracing on Instagram.

The caption: “Live. Love. And especially LAUGH.”

Spies tell us that the pair had a lavish vacay. As a surprise to Union, Wade planned the ultimate romantic getaway through at the Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. Their suite, complete with a private infinity pool, went for a cool $6,946 per night.

Sounds like Union has come a long way from hiding out with her dog.

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