Going to trial: Redirect and recross

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If you are facing criminal charges in the state of Florida, you undoubtedly have a few questions about what lies before you. An experienced Miami criminal defense attorney is an invaluable asset who can guide you through the criminal process and advocate on your behalf. In addition, it may also benefit you to familiarize yourself with the basics of a criminal trial and the role you will play in these proceedings.

As we have reviewed, in a criminal trial, it falls upon the prosecution to convince the judge and jury that you are guilty of the charge made against you. To establish this, the prosecution will likely present material evidence and call witnesses to the stand to support their account of the events.

Once opposing counsel has directly examined a witness, your Miami criminal defense lawyer will conduct a cross-examination, often in an attempt to undermine the credibility of the individual on the stand and reveal holes and inaccuracies in the case put against you.

Following the cross-examination, the prosecution will have a final opportunity to question the witness, known as a redirect. At this time, they may attempt to recover ground that has been lost or to re-establish the reliability of the witness if it has fallen into question. However, the prosecutor is only permitted to address issues that came up during cross-examination at this time, rather than introducing entirely new facts to the case.

After the redirect is concluded, your attorney will also have a chance to address the witness one last time. The purpose of the recross, like the redirect, is to speak to the subjects that were just brought to light in the preceding exchange.

As evidenced by this overview, the criminal process can be complex and overwhelming for those who are not familiar with its working. Scott A. Ferris, Esq. is an experienced and determined Miami criminal defense attorney who can help you navigate the court system and present your case effectively.

Because the prosecution bears the burden of proof, your Miami criminal defense attorney may deem that the opposing side has not adequately made their case, and will therefore seek to have the charges against you dismissed on that basis.