How is time-sharing split?

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Timesharing is what was once known as child custody. It is essentially the visitation schedule that each parent gets in conjunction with the child. The family law judge will decide the schedule that is in the best interest of the child. An experienced law firm such as The Law Office of Scott A. Ferris will help you navigate this potentially complicated situation.

The biggest factor the judge will consider when it comes to a timesharing schedule is the number of overnight stays to which the child is subject. This will also drastically affect the amount of child support the parent receives. Other factors that will affect the timesharing are such intangibles as the physical and mental well-being of the child, the educational plan the child adheres to, and health care issues. If a parent involved in a divorce is facing unreasonable demands from the other parent, they should contact a Miami divorce & mediation lawyer. The decision to hire a lawyer will go a long way towards reaching an agreement that is both fair and equitable.

Generally speaking, if there are no questions of endangerment towards the child, the plan will take into account such things as holidays, religious events, birthdays including those of the parents, winter, spring, and summer break, and other important events which mean a lot to all parties involved. If each party has a Miami family attorney representing them, an appropriate schedule will be easy to figure out.

Even after the schedule is completed and agreed upon, there are still parental responsibilities of which must be adhered to. As drawn up by a Miami divorce lawyer, both parents will have access to such things as medical records and school activities. In this way, parental duties are split equally as much as humanly possible.