Facebook may hurt parents who default on child support

Facebook may hurt parents who default on child support

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Florida residents may be interested in a contemporary method family courts are using to ascertain whether parents obligated to pay child support are misrepresenting their financial resources. In Wisconsin, some officials have made it a practice to cross-check obligors’ social media posts against the resources they claim to have or not have.

According to the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office, there was a recent case in which one man allegedly boasted about his income in Facebook posts. However, the man had allegedly paid a total of only $189 in child support since the birth of his 3-year-old son, who has leukemia. This financial contribution amounted to roughly 14 cents a day, reportedly. On account of the information gleaned from his Facebook posts, Milwaukee County officials pursued an investigation that resulted in felony charges brought against the man for failing to pay child support.

In another case, a man who had paid only $100 in child support allegedly posted photos on Facebook in which he is flaunting ‘wads of cash,” authorities reported. Consequently, the man is now facing charges.

According to officials in Milwaukee County, social media has become a valuable means of verifying a parent’s financial status. The material promulgated online is actionable evidence, officials say.

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