Keeping the Best Interest of the Kids in Mind During a Divorce

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Keeping the Best Interest of the Kids in Mind During A Divorce

Divorce is always tough. It’s tough on the adults going through the divorce and for the children of divorce it’s even more difficult. Children of divorce often feel lost and confused. They blame themselves for the situation, and often attempt to come up with ways to save their parent’s marriage. Today’s blog discuses the impact of divorce on the children of Miami-based celebrities, Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez.

In a recent interview, Jennifer Lopez, more commonly known as J-Lo, opened up about her divorce and about the reaction of her children. She spoke about trying to break the news of the split to their twin children, who at the time were 3 years old. She spoke about how difficult it was to decide what to say and how to say it to children that were so young.

In that same interview she shared a heartbreaking story that many children of divorce may be able to relate to. J-Lo stated that not long after the news was shared with the children and Marc had been out of the house for several months, her father came over to the house and she told her children, ‘That’s my daddy.’ To that, her son, Max, responded, ‘My daddy left me.’ At that instant J-Lo said that she felt heartbroken and didn’t know what to say but responded by saying, ‘No, baby, your daddy didn’t leave you. You know how my daddy goes home? Your daddy goes home, too.’

The situation faced by J-Lo that day is one that many parents all over the world have faced. In the midst of all the fighting and feelings of hatred that surround a divorce, sometimes parents fail to realize just how much of an impact the whole situation has on the children. Parents need to make a conscious effort to keep this in mind and make the best interest of the kids the focal point of the divorce.

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