Man injured after boat goes up in flames near Dinner Key Marina

Source: WPLG

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MIAMI – A man onboard a boat with his son was injured after their boat caught on fire and burst into flames north of Dinner Key Marina in Biscayne Bay.

According to initial reports, the man was injured after the boat was spotted on fire at around 10:30 a.m. about 200 yards away from shore in the Dinner Key South Channel.

Units arrived shortly after to put white foam on the vessel in order to put out the flames. While it didn’t take long for Miami-Fade Fire Rescue to extinguish the flames, the boat is badly damaged.

According to Miami-Dade Fire Rescue, the captain’s 34-foot cruiser broke down, and as he was in the process of restarting it, the boat exploded, sending him and his son flying into the water.

As the man and his son were floating in the water, the son helped his father into a skiff and they were both able to make it back to shore.

Meanwhile, witnesses called 911.

According to Lieutenant Sanchez, the victims of the fire are now in stable condition with minor scrapes. However, the captain of the boat was transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital. Although he has scrapes and burns, he is otherwise OK.

However, a man who witnessed the explosion and fire says he’s amazed nobody was killed.

Another witness who filmed the incident says they began filming the fiery scene on the water shortly after they heard a “loud boom/explosion.”

Initially, paramedics were planning to have the man airlifted to the hospital, but they canceled the helicopter when they realized his injuries weren’t serious.

At around noon, the coast guard began tending to the boat and began working to get it towed from Dinner Key Marina using a dry dock.

It remains unknown what type of environmental impact the explosion caused, such as whether any boats fluids are polluting the water.

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