Man Suspected In Three Year Old Boy’s Death Arrested


Man Suspected In Three Year Old Boy’s Death Arrested

A man suspected in the death of his girlfriend’s son has been taken into custody.

Corey Gordon, 28, was arrested by Broward Sheriff’s deputies late Tuesday night in Lauderhill. He will face a charge of first degree murder.

Gordon, a resident of North Lauderdale, is accused of killing three-year old Kyhese while his 20-year-old girlfriend, Chantel Haye, was at work.

On Tuesday afternoon Haye pleaded with her boyfriend to do the right thing.

“Corey, turn yourself in,” said Chantel Haye.

According to Broward Sheriff’s Office, detectives were sent to the Coral Springs Medical Center Monday afternoon after Haye went to the emergency room with her son’s lifeless body.

Haye was at her first day of work at a telemarketing company in Boca Raton. Gordon, her boyfriend of about a year, agreed to take care of her son, according to BSO.

When Gordon picked up Haye from work, at approximately 3:45 p.m., she noticed something was wrong with Khyese.

Haye initially thought her son was sleeping, but realized his body was cold when she touched him.

According to police, Gordon began to cry and told his girlfriend there was something wrong with Khyese.

“He hurt him,” Haye said. “He hurt him to the point where he was lifeless. He took his life away from him. And away from me and my mom.”

Kyhese’s grandmom, Glenda Haye, said the boy’s injuries were severe.

“She look at his stomach and there was bruises all over his stomach and like he punch him in his temple,” Glenda Haye said.

Haye said her grandson told her just three days ago that Gordon punched him in the stomach.
“Khyese was so afraid of him,” she said.

The family says Gordon drove Haye and Kyhese to Coral Springs Medical Center where he dropped them off and drove away.

Chantel Haye said she trusted Gordon.

“I never thought that he would hurt my son,” Haye said.

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