McCourt looks to recover fees in divorce dispute

McCourt looks to recover fees in divorce dispute

Florida residents may be interested in the latest development in the divorce saga of the wealthy former owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Frank McCourt, and his ex-wife Jamie. Frank is back in court after a recent win against his ex, attempting to recover fees spent in the last legal battle.

In 2010, Frank and Jamie McCourt ended their marriage of nearly 30 years. In the settlement agreement made at the time of the divorce, Frank agreed to pay Jamie $131 million on which she would have to pay no taxes. Additionally, several of the luxury residential properties that the couple had purchased during their marriage would go to Jamie. In 2012, Frank sold his interest in the Los Angeles Dodgers for more than $2 billion.

In 2013, Jamie sued Frank to overturn their 2010 agreement in light of the Dodgers sale. Frank, she claims, misrepresented the value of his ownership during their agreement negotiations. This caused her to get less in the agreement that she believes she should have. The court did not agree, however, and refused to overturn the existing agreement. Frank claims to have paid almost $2 million in legal fees during the seven months spent fighting Jamie’s motion in court last year. He has now filed a motion to have Jamie reimburse him for these fees.

A high asset divorce brings with it many issues, including complex asset division and asset valuation, that are not found in most divorces. An attorney who has experience navigating the particular issues in a complex asset divorce may be helpful to find a fair agreement for both parties. This could include properly dividing pensions and retirement plans as well as any property owned jointly by the divorcing couple.

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