Men suspected of home invasion may need Miami criminal defense lawyer

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No matter how heinous a crime you are accused of, it is your legal right to plead your case in a court of law, and a Miami criminal defense lawyer can ensure you get the chance to do so.

In an update on a case we covered earlier this month, CBS Miami reports that local police have released a sketch of one of the men suspected of attacking 63-year-old Karla Montenegro and her 91-year-old mother Berta Garcia in their home and robbing them. The incident occurred at 2 p.m. on June 13, when the assailants purportedly gained access to the home by claiming to be delivery men and forcing themselves in when one of the inhabitants opened the door. They then proceeded to physically assault both women before binding them in duct tape and searching the house for valuables.

The suspects were described as “white, Latin males.” Though one of the perpetrators had reportedly covered his face during the incident, the victims were able to describe the other assailant in enough detail to produce a sketch. Miami-Dade police are now actively searching for both attackers.

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