Mexican actor Pablo Lyle convicted of manslaughter in fatal road-rage case in Miami


Pablo Lyle, the Mexican actor who fatally punched a man during a road-rage confrontation on a Miami street, was convicted of manslaughter on Tuesday. A six-person jury decided Lyle’s fate after sitting through the trial, which centered on the March 31, 2019 encounter between that left Juan Ricardo Hernandez, a Cuban man living in Miami, dead. Millions following the case across Florida and Latin America finally learned the conclusion they have been tuning in for. Now, Lyle can face up to 15 years in prison.

The surveillance video of the encounter was at the core of the jury’s decision.

In closing arguments Monday, prosecutors urged jurors to convict Lyle of manslaughter, referencing a video of Hernandez walking back to his car when the young, fit Lyle charged toward him. After one punch, Hernandez fell to the ground, cracked his skull on the road and died four days later in the hospital.

In that moment, the defense argued, Lyle feared Hernandez was returning to his car to grab a weapon. He made the split-second decision to punch Hernandez to defend his family.

Lyle, 35, starred in several Televisa telenovelas as well as a Netflix crime show called “Yankee.” Lyle, who wasn’t a household name in his native country, is now well-known due to the case.

Hernandez’s story resonates with many in Miami, which raised concern for jury selection in a heavily Cuban-populated county. Hernandez, 63, was a Cuban man who immigrated to the city in 2011 and got a job loading food trays in carts for airliners in Miami International Airport. He sent money to Cuba weekly to support his elderly mother and later brought his adult son from the island nation.

The story began in a SVU driven by Lyle’s brother-in-law, Lucas Delfino. Lyle and his family were heading to the airport after a 10-day vacation when Delfino got off on the wrong exit. Delfino cut off Hernandez to get to a left lane and make a U-turn, a mistake that caused the plot twist dissected in court for weeks. Hernandez honked his horn, got out of his car and approached the SUV. Delfino also hopped out of his car and the two argued, before the SUV began rolling into the intersection because it wasn’t in park. Delfino ran back to the SUV, while Lyle had gotten out to try and stop the car from rolling. That’s when Lyle lunged at Hernandez and delivered the fatal blow. This is a breaking news story that will update.

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