Miami criminal defense lawyer helps ensure charges are dropped against two men involved in police scuffle

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If you’ve been unfairly accused of a crime, you need a Miami criminal defense lawyer who can make sure you are cleared of any wrongdoing.

In early April, 25-year-old Brandon Walker was shot and killed in Overtown, a Miami neighborhood just northwest of the downtown area. Following the incident, CBS Miami reports that the victim’s two brothers – 27-year-old Antwan Walker and 28-year-old Anthony Walker – were arrested after rushing onto the murder scene and getting into an altercation with law enforcement officials. According to local news outlet WSVN-TV, Fernando Bosch, a Miami police detective, punched one of the brothers repeatedly.

Both brothers were charged with resisting arrest, and Anthony was also charged with battery on a police officer, states The Miami Herald, but prosecutors agreed to drop the charges with the blessing of the Miami police department.

“It was the fair and just thing to do,” said the Miami criminal defense lawyer who represented the brothers, according to The Miami Herald. “The community is very sensitive to what happened, and I hope this will quell things. I’ve very happy justice has been done.”

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