Miami criminal defense lawyer represents client accused of shooting police officer in second trial

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Previously on this blog, we wrote about how a Miami criminal defense lawyer helped 19-year-old Willie Barney, a Florida teenager accused of robbery and the attempted murder of a Miami-Dade police detective, secure a new trial after he was convicted in April. The judge made an error during jury selection, and prosecutors agreed that Barney should be retried.

The new trial began on Wednesday, May 22. According to CBS Miami, prosecutors had Wislyn Joseph, the law enforcement official who claims that Barney ripped a gold chain from his neck and shot him in the chest while he was doing volunteer work at a local church, testify in front of the jury. The detective’s uncle and father also took the stand.

Barney’s Miami criminal defense lawyer argued that DNA evidence linking his client to the crime was inconclusive, and noted that Barney’s fingerprints weren’t found on the gun, reports the source. He also suggested that Joseph may have misidentified Barney. The victim described his assailant as a “light-skinned” black male on the day of the shooting.

“As you can see, Mr. Barney is not light-skinned,” the Miami criminal defense attorney said to the jury.

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