Miami-Dade Police Department using technology to fight crime

Miami-Dade Police Department using technology to fight crime
DORAL, Fla. – The Miami-Dade Police Department is still making improvements to its Real Time Crime Center.

“We’re the first real-time crime center in the southeastern United States,” Detective Romelio Martinez said.

Launched in January, the RTCC is staffed with a team of seasoned crime fighters. The analysts help with ongoing investigations and the detectives monitor police calls as they happen.

When police arrive on the scene of a crime, for example, detectives in the RTCC can provide them with information on the address, or the possible suspect, if it’s a repeat call.

In Liberty Square, surveillance cameras were installed so detectives in the RTCC can monitor calls there.

Martinez said more cameras will be installed in high-crime areas around the county.

“We’re providing officers with the intelligence that they’re not receiving from the callers or the dispatchers as to what they’re potentially walking into,” Martinez said.

In addition to adding more cameras, the department also plans to offer a free app that residents can use to send in tips, photos and videos. The app is expected to be available in 2016.

“It’s a learning process,” Martinez said. “It’s in its growing steps so that we can provide yet another layer of service to the community and make the citizens of Miami-Dade County safer.”

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