Miami personal injury attorney can assist those injured at Disney World

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When people become sick or injured due to a business or an individual’s negligent behavior, they can rest assured knowing that — with the help of a Miami personal injury attorney — they may be able to recover a significant amount of damages to compensate for their physical and emotional suffering. Often, this kind of cash is incredibly important, as it guarantees that accident victims can pay for necessary medical expenses that they accrue as a result of their injury.

With this in mind, it’s disheartening to hear that Walt Disney World and Publix Super Markets — two of the largest businesses in the Sunshine State — are attempting to convince lawmakers that they should pay less money when they are sued by individuals who claim to have suffered personal injuries at their establishments.

According to The Huffington Post, those who support this effort have suggested that “awards in such cases are often higher than they should be,” while opponents — including personal injury lawyers in Miami and other parts of the Florida — say “the corporations are simply trying to dump the financial burden on innocent victims.”

If you’ve suffered a personal injury as a result of a business’s negligence, don’t settle for mediocre legal representation. It is in your best interest to consult a Miami personal injury attorney to see if you have grounds to file a civil lawsuit. Scott A. Ferris, Esq. is an experienced Miami lawyer who prides himself on being available to his clients whenever they need him. Contact him at 305-670-3330 to discuss your options.