Michael Strahan’s ex-wife claims she had private investigators watching her around the clock amid renewed custody battle

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  • Jean Muggli Strahan claims the GMA host had her watched ‘around the clock’ in new court documents 
  • It comes just days after Strahan demanded primary custody of his twins, Sophia and Isabella 
  • He claimed that their mother is abusing the 15 year olds
  • Strahan alleged that Muggli, who lives with the twins in North Carolina, isn’t making sure their daughters are going to court-ordered therapy sessions 
  • He also says she keeps the twins from volleyball matches and equestrian events
  • In June Muggli requested annual cost of living adjustments to the child support payments for their twins accusing Strahan of underpaying

(DAILYMAIL.COM) Michael Stahan’s ex-wife is accusing the TV host of watching her.

Jean Muggli’s lawyer claimed in court on Friday that Strahan had private investigators ‘around the clock’ at her home in North Carolina, where she lives with their 15-year-old twin daughters.

Muggli filed a case against the Good Morning America co-host in June 2019 for not paying her annual cost of living adjustments to the child support, which was set out in their 2009 agreement.

‘He had around the clock private investigators at her home,’ Muggli’s lawyer Shannon Rogers Simpson said in Manhattan Supreme Court, according to Page Six.

‘He battered her financially with lawsuits. That’s how determined he is to not pay child support he agreed to ten years ago,’ Simpson said.

And, ‘when all else failed he brought a motion in North Carolina to avoid paying,’ Simpson said. 

Strahan’s lawyer, John Giardino, denied the accusations, telling the court: ‘The notion that she is under surveillance is absurd and could never be proven.’ 

It comes days after Strahan accused his ex of abusing their twin daughters as he fights for primary custody of the teenagers. 

In new court documents obtained by TMZ, the former NFL star alleges that his second ex-wife Jean is physically and emotionally abusing their 15-year-old twins, Sophia and Isabella.

Strahan, who accused Muggli of a ‘pattern of abusive conduct towards the children for years’ has also asked for primary custody of his children, the legal papers show. 

He claims that he’s even got proof of the physical and emotional abuse, but didn’t go into detail. 

Strahan says he will release more details at a later date in sealed documents. 

According to TMZ, Strahan claimed that Muggli isn’t making sure their daughters are going to their court-ordered therapy sessions.

The GMA co-host also blames his ex-wife for keeping the twins from their volleyball matches and equestrian events.

Currently, Strahan has visitation rights, but he is demanding that a judge give him primary custody of the girls who would then move in with him in New York.  

The twins were just 20 months old when the couple filed for divorce in 2006. The pair met in 1994 while Muggli worked in a skincare salon in Manhattan. They married in 1999.

In their divorce settlement, Muggli received $15.3million plus $18,000 per month for child support. 

Last year, Muggli filed a money judgment against her ex-husband claiming that Strahan ‘reneged’ on an agreement to help pay for the twins to pursue their equestrian ambitions.

The former couple had orchestrated a deal where they would evenly split the cost of the girls’ equestrian endeavors, which have come to a staggering $450,802 total since 2017. 

Muggli also alleged that Strahan, who has a son and daughter from his first marriage, was underpaying on the child support payments. She claims that he owes nearly $500,000 in back child support.

A source close to Strahan has previously said the accusations against the TV personality ‘are completely false’.

‘Michael has always honored his commitments regarding his children,’ the insider said. 

‘The reason they are in court is that Jean continuously asks for more money. Michael intends to do what is best for his children, as he always does. He is properly handling this in the court.’ 

In February 2019, Strahan and Muggli agreed to allow a parenting coordinator to help them resolve their disagreements, with the host picking up 90 per cent of the tab.

But that decision became another source of grievance between the warring exes in November 2019 when Strahan asked a Manhattan court to require Muggli to share the costs of the parenting coordinator.

He accused Muggli of being uncooperative with the scheduling of his visitations.  

Strahan asked a judge at the time to rule that Muggli be responsible for paying 50 per cent of the fees.

Their famously acrimonious was ‘one of the worst/best things that ever happened to me’, Strahan said during an interview with Barbara Walters in 2014. 

When Muggli first filed for divorce, she made numerous accusations against him, including that he had beat her, cheated on her and even recorded her sister undressing. A judge ultimately dismissed the claims.

‘It let me get to the point where I had to learn not to care what anybody thought,’ Strahan explained. ‘So I also didn’t want to say anything and fight back to the papers because that fed more into it.’

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