Mother of Six Hospitalized After Being Shot More Than a Dozen Times in Miami

Shaqueenia+HannaA mother of six is in critical condition at a local hospital after being shot multiple times while inside her Miami home.
A mother of six was in critical condition at a local hospital after being shot more than a dozen times while inside her Miami home.

Shaqueenia Hanna was shot thirteen times Monday night at her home located on the 400 block of Northwest 73rd Terrace in Miami.

Hanna, who is in her early 30s, was transported to the hospital around 11 p.m. in critical condition.

Friends and family held hands in prayer early Tuesday morning at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

“I waited until the gunshots were over,” said Lisa Sheffield. “I heard kids screaming in the back about their momma so I went outside and looked over and saw the woman on the ground.”

The mother of six was shot in front of several of her kids according to family, friends and a neighbor who called police.

“They saw their mother laying there,” the neighbor said. “They weren’t sure if she was alive or dead.”

Those who know Hanna say they also know the shooter, an ex-boyfriend who lives a few doors down.

The two have a child together and friends say he shot her out of jealousy of a new relationship.

Family members weren’t ready to talk in length on camera, but called on the shooter to do the right thing and go to police.

Miami Police detectives haven’t yet confirmed details about the gunman only saying it was possibly domestic-related and that the shooter got away, leaving his victim to die.

“She’s a fighter,” the neighbor said. “I seen her trying to fight for her life on that ground so I just hope everything will be alright.”

Family says Hanna called police the day before she was shot and said her ex had threatened her. Police are investigating

Anyone with a tip for detectives regarding the shooter’s whereabouts or this investigation are urged to call Miami Police.

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