Online Divorce May Not Be Right for You

In a recent article posted by the Huffington Post, Wevorce – a technology platform for divorces– announced it was expanding to Miami. This news may be great for the small percentage of those divorces that end with little to no marital assets and no children, however, divorce is a very complex matter, should we let a “technology platform” handle such sensitive issues?

The Huffington Post article is posted below:

Amicable divorce? Wevorce says it’s possible and expands to Miami

Wevorce, a startup that offers a technology platform and five-step process to make divorce “amicable,” is the latest Silicon Valley company expanding services in Miami with a new office.

Wevorce’s trained mediators, financial professionals and counselors focus on the emotional, financial and legal implications that are inevitable in every divorce. With a step-by-step approach, Wevorce says it helps couples divorce amicably — and keep them out of court — using web-based technology to automate the paperwork, along with attorney mediators to help untangle the complex issues, at less cost than a traditional divorce.

Michelle Crosby, CEO and co-founder of Wevorce, said the company saved its clients over $2 million in legal fees in 2014. Through the divorce analytics it has developed, Wevorce predicts the costs and steps families need to take to settle their divorce, and it costs one-third of a typical divorce (the national avg. is $27,000), she said. More than 300 families have been through the Wevorce process to date, and in 2014, Wevorce kept 100 percent of its families out of court. “We are excited to bring our services to Miami and help families avoid adversarial and costly divorces that have been unnecessarily played out in a courtroom,” she said in a news release.

Joining the Miami team as a Certified Wevorce Architect is Jessica Geller and more will be added, the company said. Based in the Bay Area, Wevorce is venture backed by Y Combinator, Foundation Capital and others.

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