Permanent alimony may be off the table for Miami divorce lawyers

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One of the most contentious aspects of any Florida divorce is the allocation of spousal support, or alimony. Whether a Miami divorce lawyer is seeking this monetary award on behalf of his or her client, or working to refuteĀ theĀ opposing counsel’s claim to it, determining the exact amount and duration – or if it is appropriate at all – is a complex process.

In previous installments, we reviewed the various types of alimony awards that a Florida judge may implement: permanent, bridge-the-gap, rehabilitative, durational, lump sum and periodic. Now, Reuters reports that state legislators have made a move to ban permanent awards – which last for the lifetime of either party.

“Supporters of the bill argue alimony laws in some states force ex-spouses to make a lifelong financial commitment to their former husbands or wives,” the news outlet states.

Meanwhile, those against the measure argue that it should fall to Miami divorce lawyers and judges to establish the finite details of any alimony award “on a case-by-case basis.”

If the bill, which has now passed through the state Senate and House of Representatives, is signed into law by Governor Rick Scott, the duration of spousal support will be capped at half that of the union itself. However, a Miami divorce lawyer may be able to extend that time period in specific instances.

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