Police searching for Miramar armed robbery suspects captured on surveillance camera

Source: WPLG

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MIRAMAR, Fla. – Authorities are searching for a pair of suspects who robbed a man at gunpoint in Miramar. 

The entire incident was captured on surveillance camera. 

The victim never saw it coming.

Two thieves ambushed a man behind a gas station in Miramar, shooting at him and getting away with his gold jewelry. 

The robbery happened on July 7th at a gas station at 7520 Pembroke Road. 

The men Miramar police are looking for were seen approaching the victim when one of them pulled out a gun. 

The victim, in fear for his life, laid on the ground with his hands up while a robber wearing a white tank top took his valuables. 

Police said the robber’s accomplice, who was holding the gun, fired one shot that missed the victim before the two ran off. 

All of this happening just weeks after a drive by shooting that took place just steps from the crime scene. 

Last month, surveillance video at a Kwik Stop showed a gunman hanging out the passenger side window of a vehicle, firing a gun several times. 

One man was shot and taken to the hospital, and a witness ended up with bullet holes in his car.

Bullets also pierced several cars in the parking lot.

In the case of last week’s robbery, Miramar police are looking for two men in their twenties. One of them 5 feet 10 inches tall, 175 pounds with a thin build, short black hair and no facial hair. The other is believed to be 6 foot 1, 185 pounds with short black hair and multicolored shoes.

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